Injection moulding

Our company AMBI has been injecting plastics since 1975. Many years of experience and know-how in the field of injection moulding help us to retain a high level of production processes and strict respect of contractual obligations. Plastic products are produced in our own machine park which contains 16 automated machines with closing forces ranging between 22 to 650 tones. Some machines are equipped with automated robots which can manipulate products between the machine and a conveyor belt. Today, we manufacture products of various shapes and sizes weighing from 0.45 grams up to 2500 grams. We are able to produce series up to + 1,000,000 pieces a month. We are also specialised in the production of prototype series. In this context we perform a number of first injections on foreign tools for different toolmakers. Materials we use are Thermoplastics and some Elastomers (POM, PVC, PA6.6, PA, ABS, PP / EPDM, PPE / PPO, PTFE, PET / PBT, SBS, SEBS, EVA, TPU, SAR, COPE, PP, PC, etc. ...). As an example, we should mention that our constructive knowledge in the field of polycarbonate injection is a strong competitive advantage.

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Vacuum metallisation

We also offer a vacuum metallisation service. This process creates the reflecting surface or chromium effect on a plastic or metal surface. The metallisation process takes place in a vacuum chamber where air is pumped out until the appropriate vacuum conditions are achieved. Then we use tungsten heaters to alter the physical state of the loaded aluminium. Aluminium vapour covers the unprotected areas of the product to obtain the desired effect. The vacuum metallisation process is used for headlamps in the automotive industry, where lighting bodies require a prescribed reflection. The same process is also used in the domain of decorative elements in the furniture industry, etc....