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The main purpose of LIFE BAQUA project is to provide applicative solutions of waste parts of the banana crop usage for product development in the aquaculture sector and the plastics processing domain. Within the framework of the LIFE BAQUA project AMBI-Metalplast and our development partner TECOS, will develop a mock line of injecting of selected technical polymer products with new plastic materials that are modified by using properly designed fibers (derived from waste banana crop) to improve the mechanical properties. Validation of such products will also be carried out.

With the introductory meeting, which took place on 14.9. and 15.9. in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Spain), we have successfully entered the implementation of the new RDI project LIFE BAQUA (Solutions through the new use for a waste of banana crop to develop products in aquaculture and plastics sector). Project duration is 3 years and is funded through the European LIFE + program.



Moment from the KOM


Banana leaf



Device for cutting fibres


Project BAQUA LIFE - 2nd meeting of project partners in Zaragoza

Between 14. and 15. of March 2017 at the Headquarters of Technological Center AITIIP in Spanish Zaragoza the 2nd working meeting of the consortium of project partners from Spain, Slovenia and Sweden was held for the European project BAQUA LIFE. The first day of the meeting was devoted to the review  of current project status according to individual activities that were undertaken by the project partners, the review of the financial situation of the project, information with the new rules for project reporting and for technology center tour. On the second day the meeting was held in cooperation with the European Monitor of LIFE projects, where we discussed individually about the management and financial issues of the project for each project partner. At the end of the meeting we had finalized the progress of project implementation activities for the next 6 months. The next meeting of the project consortium is planned in November at the facilities of University of Las Palmas in Canary-Islands.


Meeting in Zaragoza.


BAQUA LIFE presented at Celje Industrial fair Forma tool 2017 (4-7. April 2017) 

Baqua Life presentation took place at TECOS exhibition stand where we presented our project to the interested public. Overall interest in the project content was exceptional. During all four days we were explaining what the project is all about, which are the main purposes and current progresses.  


Impressions from the fair.


3rd progress meeting at AMBI-Metalplast

Third progress meeting with project partners was held in our company on 17 and 18 October 2018. We discussed about two major topics.

Firstly, we presented material functions of four different material groups; ABS, HIPS, HDPE and PLA combined with the 2nd generation of banana fibers (BF).  Having material samples we were able to realize several experiments; tensile test (ISO 527), bending test (ISO 178), Impact Charpy (ISO 179), MFI (ISO 1133), TGA, DMA, DSC and FTIR Fourier Spectroscopy. We found that increase in fiber content increases tensile E module, reduces elongation at maximum tensile strength and also elongation at break, increases bending E module, reduces impact strength, lowers MFI flow index, increases dynamic E module and increases dynamic loss module. In addition, FTIR clearly recorded fibers spectrum with characteristic groups -OH and NaOH (2nd generation fibers treatment agent) and CO (cellulose).

Second part of our work consisted of results from the process environment. For this purpose, three material groups were used for injection molding trials: ABS with 10%, 20%, 30% of BF, HIPS with 10%, 20%, 30% of BF and HDPE with 5%, 10%, 20% of BF. First conclusion we got from multiple trials was that maximal BF content in polymer matrix should not be higher than 20 %. Combinations with higher contents proved to be useless. Criteria for this statement were product quality and process feasibility. Furthermore, we measured lower values ​​of dimensional shrinkage on products with higher BF content. We also noted that products non feasible made of pure HDPE become feasible made of HDPE+BF. And this is one of the major finding as our motivation remains clear; minimize qty of synthetic material and maximize BF content.


Polymer matrix with fibers

Product made of ABS + 20 % BF


Dog bone samples for experiments

Primary school Grm Novo mesto at Ambi-Metalplast

Traditionally, at the end of school year Ambi is hosting kids and professors from primary school Grm Novo mesto. We did the same this year on 18th of June 2019. Beside injection molding process explanation we deeply explained what Life Baqua is all about. Pupils watched a short Life Baqua movie, which fully presents the point of the projects and our findings;

Through their engagement in the final debate, they expressed a great interest in the project's theme and Life Baqua potential.

We largely agreed that the generation of children who are now attending 7th grade will certainly have to use all positive practices and green products Life Baqua generates. That is why we will squeeze out the entire project potential. On this way, we will deliver to kids more green future they will certainly need. Motivation in this context knows no boundaries.


Two main players

Primary school visit at Ambi-Metalplast

Huge interest in Life Baqua products

 Banana fibers 3rd generation 2 mm long

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